Price is NET inclusive of Taxes, Service charges, hygienic treatment, Sterilization.
Dental Treatment Details / Materials Thai BAHT Unit
Tooth Whitening Laser Diode + Cleaning 5,500 person
Cool-Light LED 3,900 person
Crown and Bridgework All-ceramic crown – Empress  Emax 10,000-13,000 tooth
All-ceramic crown - Zircona 13,000-15,000 tooth
Standard PFM crown 8,000-9,000 tooth
Veneer Porcelain Veneer 8,000-10,000 tooth
Composite veneer 3,500-5,000 tooth
Dental Cleaning 700-1,200 person
Filling White composit bonding 700-1,700 tooth
Oral Surgery Simple Tooth Extraction 700-1200 tooth
Impacted Tooth Surgical Removal 2,000-4,000 tooth
Root Canal Treatment Anterior and Posterior 6,000-12000 tooth
Full mouth denture 8,000-20,000 arch
Sealant - 400 tooth
X-ray - 200 film
Panoramic X-ray - 500 film
Temporary teeth 500-1000 tooth
Dental Implant By Report
Orthodontics By Report